Slovak Asssociation of Deer Farming - SADF on a professional level associatesand represents farm and game reserve breeders in Slovakia ensures their mutual awareness, mediates contacts with similar bodies in Slovakia and the world; provides contacts with research centers around the world;  through its professional activities, it is significantly involved in shaping the regulations governing the management and the conditions on farms and in game reserves, with strict regard to the protection of the deer; defends the interests of farm and game park deer breeding in the Slovak and European legislative environment.  In 2009, SADF organized the largest international conference in the history of FEDFA, where more than 150 members from 14 countries of the world met. 

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Organizing Committee

• President of SADF
Ing. Jaroslav Pokorádi, PhD.

• Member of the SADF committee on behalf of farm breeding

prof. Ing. Radovan Kasarda, PhD.

• Member of SADF committee on behalf of animal nutrition

Ing. Peter Chudej, PhD.

• Member of SADF committee on behalf of genetics and informatics

doc. Ing. Radoslav Židek, PhD.

• Member of the SADF on behalf of the veterinary care section

MVDr. Zuzana Krchníková

• Member of the SADF on behalf of the legal department

Judr. Janette Prétiová

• External consultant in the area of marketing and PR

Ing. Katarína Židek Gaťášová